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Los Angeles and Paris Agree on Unique Olympic Hosting Arrangement


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Manuel Marquez, MD has enjoyed significant careers in the fields of medicine and travel, with positions ranging from a medical executive officer with Buenaventura Medical Group (BMG) to his present role as a travel director for Insight Vacations by Destination America. Through his work with the latter company, Manuel Marquez, MD has become an avid fan of international sporting spectacles, such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic games.

While the 2020 Olympics will take place in Tokyo, future editions of the summer games have already been decided. The 2024 and 2028 games were decided in unprecedented fashion. Following a long bidding process that saw the cities of Budapest, Hamburg, Boston, and Rome withdraw from consideration amid cost concerns, Los Angeles and Paris stood as the most likely settings for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Recognizing the need for strong host cities during times of financial uncertainty, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) opted for the first-ever double vote, selecting host cities for both the 33rd and 34th summer Olympiads.

However, the bucking of the Olympic tradition did not end there. Instead of competing for the previously hotly contested 2024 bid, the city of Los Angeles stepped back and allowed Paris, which had lost out on several recent bids, to host the 33rd summer Olympiad. By waiting until 2028, Los Angeles will benefit from a $1.8 billion advance in funds from IOC.

What to Look For in a Bowling Shoe

Bowling Shoes pic

Bowling Shoes

Over the past 25 years, Manuel Marquez, MD, has served as a family physician, a clinical research coordinator for Ventura County Hematology Oncology Specialists, and as a substitute paraeducator for special needs children at the Ventura United School District. In his spare time, Manuel Marquez, MD, participates in various leisure activities, including bowling.

For those looking to take their bowling game to the next level, one of the most common purchases is a pair of bowling shoes because they offer performance and comfort above and beyond the typical rental shoes. But what should one look for in a bowling shoe?

First of all, it’s important to get shoes that correspond with the bowling hand. Right handed bowlers will have a sliding shoe on the left foot and a braking shoe on the right foot – and vice versa for left-handed bowlers. So make sure to get the appropriate shoes to complement your bowling style.

Choose a shoe with a flat bottom on the sliding foot if the goal is to only slide a little. For those who are comfortable with a little more slide action, choose a shoe that has a raised heel on the sliding shoe.

Finally, decided whether increased performance or maximum comfort is the most important attribute you want in the shoe. Athletic bowling shoes are a little more comfortable to wear, but they don’t rank high as performance shoes, as the name would suggest.

Tips for Beginning Bowlers


Beginning Bowlers pic

Beginning Bowlers

Having worked as a paraeducator for special-needs children in the Ventura County, California, public schools, as well as a physician and a tour director, Manuel Marquez, MD, is experienced in a range of professional fields. Outside of his work life, Manuel Marquez, MD, enjoys numerous sports, including bowling.

Bowling is a great leisure activity, but for those looking to become a little more proficient at the sport, the barriers to entry may seem daunting, particularly in terms of learning the basics. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Here are just a couple of basic tips for bowling novices.

One of the most important but most basic concepts is visualizing your shot before you take it. It’s important to relax, breathe deeply, and focus on exactly where you want the ball to go. Use the arrows to help guide your shot.

It’s also important to choose the right ball. Picking one that’s too heavy can lead to a sore arm, but one that’s too light may not give you the pin action you want. Most men typically bowl with a 14-16 lb. ball, while most women use a 10-14 lb. ball. Go with the heaviest ball that can give you the speed you want.

Bowing is a simple skill to learn but a difficult one to master. With practice and proper form, however, your game can improve significantly over time.