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Benefits of Group Travel

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Group Travel
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As a tour director with Insight Vacations, Manuel Marquez, MD, leads group motor coach tours across the United States, providing on-board commentary throughout the itinerary. During the journey, Manuel Marquez, MD, strives to help each traveler bond with others and make the most of the group experience.

Although many travelers are devotees of independent exploration, a group tour can offer many benefits not available to those who venture out unaccompanied. One of the major benefits is the convenience and comfort of allowing an experienced professional to make decisions about destinations and time frames. This is particularly beneficial when the tour guide is a local expert or has experienced the destination in depth, as such a person can provide a unique kind of informed insight.

The tour leader can also help the group to let go of old habits and embrace new experiences. A traveler may come to a destination that he or she would not have chosen individually, but that reveals unique insights about the country or culture that the group is visiting. A tour leader may also be able to connect the group with special visits or programs to which the tour company has access, though such experiences are not available to members of the general public.

Finally, the group tour provides each traveler with readily available companionship and community. Group members can bond over their visit to a grand and picturesque destination, share their reflections about the day, and even help one another to open up and make new connections.